Korda Dark Matter Leader Ring Swivel


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— Fused plastic leaders with integral tungsten sections
– Available in Weed Green, Gravel Brown, Clay, Silt and Clear
– Three types available: ring swivel, Hybrid Leadclip and helicopter
– 1m in length and 30lb breaking strain
– 1 per pack

Fused plastic leaders that have been tinted to precisely match the lake bed. They feature two tungsten bands along their length, which help to pin your tackle to the lake bed in the area of your rig. There are three types of leader available: ring swivel, Hybrid Lead Clip and Helicopter. Each leader is available in weedy green, gravel brown, clay and slit colours as well as clear. They are extremely robust too, with a breaking strain of 30lb.

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Clay, Clear, Gravel, Silt, Weed


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