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-These new stick mix liquids are simply superb! They are completely PVA friendly and developed to be equally effective all year round no matter what the water temperature. This is another product from Mainline Baits that gives the angler an extra advantage over their quarry.

With the added benefit of being available in all the best Mainline flavours and incorporating the no mess nozzle lid, this range of liquids benefit all anglers no matter what species you are targeting. After use simply push the nozzle down and put the bottle back in the bag until next needed, whether that’s in an hour or in a month, no mess and no fuss.

These liquids, although designed to be stick mix liquids, can be used for a number of applications, to use on your stick mixes as initially designed or lather it onto your methods, anything you can think of really just add the liquid to boost the attraction of your baits.

Many of us here at Fishing Republic have jumped on these liquids and use them regularly coating boilies, pellets and particles and adding into pva bags or pouring over ‘dynamite sticks’ (PVA funnelweb).

These liquids are highly versatile and have a high level of leakage making them useful in all levels of the water table from 18in margin swims to 26ft gravel pits. These attractors can be used to target many species including Carp, Roach, Tench, Bream and river species such as Barbel. The fact that it is water soluble means you can never overdose, so use as much as you like.

Available in 500ml bottles

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Belechan Black, Banoffee, Cell, Essential Cell, Hybrid


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