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-Fox Rage is Fox’s dedicated range of predator and lure fishing tackle and this reel forms part of the brand’s impressive Warrior series. The Warrior series has been designed with the angler who wants top quality tackle that doesn’t break the bank in mind, and these reels perfectly fit the bill. Manufactured to perfectly complement the Fox Warrior rod range, these spinning reels are available in a range of sizes. This ensures that they will sit perfectly on each of the different sized rods in the Fox Warrior range, so there really is a Fox Warrior setup for all your predator and lure fishing needs. From the smallest 1500, ideal for light lure work, to the largest 4000, a big hitting versatile all-rounder, you’ll find a Fox Warrior Reel works perfectly no matter your angling situation.

As with all the products in the Fox Warrior range, these reels feature unstated graphics and classy black cosmetics. This makes these reels ideal for the modern angler who likes to look good on the bank as well as performing to their very best, too. These reels are all lightweight in their build. This is important for all reels, but it is especially integral to the design of spinning reels. Being lightweight not only ensures that you have an impeccably balanced outfit, but it also means that you can hold and manoeuvre your rods with ease and agility, without fatiguing. The easy grip EVA handle on the reel allows you to create the kinds of torque you need when playing a fish on a lure whilst still affording your full comfort – allowing you to fish confidently with ease.

As with all the Warrior products, Fox has ensured that this range of reels offers outstanding value for money. This makes these Fox Rage Warrior Reels ideal for novice and experienced anglers alike.


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